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Our Clients

Our clients benefit from our comprehensive understanding of philanthropy and the strategies necessary to create more good by giving.

Some of our current and past clients include:

  • Agape Foundation

  • Bright Promises Foundation

  • Patrick and Anna M. Cudahy Fund

  • Family Alliance Foundation

  • The Leo S. Guthman Fund

  • Irving Harris Foundation

  • Jocarno Fund

  • Roberta Bachmann Lewis Scholarship Fund

  • The Lumpkin Family Foundation

  • Albert Pick, Jr. Fund

  • Polk Family Charitable Fund

  • Prince Charitable Trusts

  • Pritzker Early Childhood Foundation

  • Pritzker Pucker Family Foundation

  • The Seabury Foundation

  • Seedlings Foundation

  • VNA Foundation

  • Walters Family Foundation

We help our clients make their philanthropy a priority. Contact us today to learn more.

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