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Management Services

Knowledgeable Staff. Individualized Support.

Our Management Services offer an excellent, cost-saving option for foundations that do not require full-time staff.  We assume responsibility for day-to-day functions, conducting all of the work necessary to support the foundation.  You get the benefit of a knowledgeable staff that provides individualized support while sharing the back-office costs with other clients.  We make certain that each of our foundation clients maintains its own identity.We also ensure that individual clients have access to dedicated staff at any time by phone, in person, or online.  By significantly decreasing management and overhead costs, directors or trustees are free to focus on the work that is the most meaningful to them while freeing up more funds to support what matters most - their grantees.



Among the Management Services that we offer:

Professional Services

  • Developing procedures, including written guidelines, for foundation operations

  • Exploring and recommending issues to fund

  • Assessing possible grantee organizations

  • Ensuring that contributions are made in accordance with directors’/trustees’ wishes and that all necessary follow-up is completed

  • Maintaining relationships with recipient organizations

  • Supporting the directors/trustees by providing information they need to make decisions and participate in the work of the foundation

  • Preparing all board materials and attending board meetings


Support Services

  • Responding to communications from directors/trustees, potential applicant organizations, and the public

  • Interfacing with other professional advisers including attorneys and investment advisers

  • Maintaining all necessary files and paperwork

  • Forwarding materials to individual directors/trustees according to their interests

  • Preparing information in easy-to-use formats to assist directors/trustees in their decision-making

  • Designing websites and maintaining social media presence 


Financial Services

  • Conducting bookkeeping functions

  • Preparing financial statements

  • Compiling information for government filings and audits

  • Maintaining digital records


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