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Consultation Services

Philanthropic Giving is Our Area of Expertise.

Our Consultation Services encompass an array of functions that are provided on a project-by-project basis.  We have expertise in the processes of contributions, foundation structure and helping to create effective boards. 

We are particularly effective in situations where participants differ in their approaches and values. We provide opportunities to air differences, explore options and find common ground.


Consulting can include:


  • Creating a new foundation

  • Formalizing foundation structure

  • Exploring and recommending issues to fund

  • Desigining new giving initiatives

  • Developing procedures for a new giving initiative

  • Revising an existing giving strategy

  • Developing grant guidelines

  • Conducting feasibility studies

  • Creating planning processes

  • Planning and facilitating trustee/board/staff retreats

  • Conducting trustee/board/staff education

  • Engaging new generations of grantmakers

  • Evaluating agencies, grants programs, and special initiatives



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